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Diaspora integration in global development and promotion of the community


Promoting diaspora engagement for the sustainable development and investment in the Caribbean, particularly, Haiti

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Committed to diaspora engagement and integration to foster community trust, partnership and economic growth

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“The Diaspora is at the heart of the nexus of globalization, migration, transnationalism, and entrepreneurship making us key drivers for economic development everywhere. Diaspora must be at the table of global discussions in order to truly achieve SDGs and eradication of poverty. The systematic exclusion of diaspora in the humanitarian system and overall development goals should be addressed by donors, policy makers and governments. The landscape of the humanitarian system has evolved due to the increasing engagement of nontraditional actors across the humanitarian-development-peace nexus. A global collective effort is required to endorse, engage and integrate the diaspora across areas of development and humanitarian response.” Dr. Magalie Emile-Backer, Founder and Diaspora Engagement Strategist, Haiti Renewal Alliance

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